Ultra Fine .008” Premium Glitter Holographic-Metallic–Craft-Nail-Body-Best Price

Ultra Fine .008” Premium Glitter Holographic-Metallic–Craft-Nail-Body-Best Price


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Ultra Fine 1/128” Hexagon Laser Cut .008” Premium Glitter 

Holographic  Iridescent  Metallic  Fluorescent  Rainbow

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Please note: Dark Metallic Blue has been discontinued by manufacturer

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Holographic Black has CHANGED see NEW Holographic Black

Effective 7/2/2017

It is just that easy!

The 1.5"x 2" bags have been phased out and I am discontinuing the 7g & 13g bag sizes to a more convenient 10g bag size. Please stay tuned for the rollout in September 2017. 

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NOW... on the Glitter - 

What I have listed is 4 different types of Glitter – All Glitter is Premium Quality and made here in the U.S.A.

The glitter is a hexagon cut PET Film. 

The size is 1/128” and is Alkali, Acid & Temp. Melting Point 496 – 500° F (258–260° C)

      All Glitter I have for sale is Hexagon cut to 1/128” (.008”) – there are a lot of sellers saying the same but the quality may not be the same due to it being sourced outside of the U.S. This Glitter is made in the U.S.A.

You can use any and all of the glitter for:

Scrapbooking – use double sided tape or glue and your imagination and the possibilities are endless!

Body Glitter Tattoos - Do I need to say anymore!!!! You ahve a body, you have glitter and you now have a Tattoo!!!  Sexy & Exciting

Angel, Fairy, Butterfly - Wing making, get an old wire hanger and a pair of old nylons – stretch the nylons over a formed hanger and mix glitter and glue together (careful not to use too much glitter - a little goes a long way) while wet, apply your glitter glue mixture and you have a beautiful wing that cost you under a dollar!!!

Floral Glassware - lightly coat any glue or glaze onto the glassware, before it dries, sprinkle glitter lightly to get a fabulous effect.

Glitter Stems for you Flowers - if you like working with silk flowers, the best way to dress it up is with glitter - take ordinary pipe cleaners as stems, spray with any type of spray glue then roll your pipe cleaner into the glitter and if you want to make you flowers coordinate with your stems lightly spray glue then dust you roses with the glitter and add them to a beautiful glass vase. No fanciness needed in that vase... 

Fabulous Homemade Floral Vases - Find a cheap candle holder and a round glass or small fish bowl (no base) and glue them together, maybe add some decorative items in the candle holder if it is that kind of candle holder before gluing base on. Once dry, using painter's tape - tape off the area you don't want to glitter then smear craft glue over the piece and glitter. Let dry. Remove painter's tape (use a craft knife for hard remove areas) and then have fun with it! 

Those a just a few ways to use glitter but if you are reading this then you probably have a project already in mind....

All glitter is so fine you can use it for nail art, simply apply a base coat, let dry. Working one nail at a time so as not to smudge them, apply second coat & before it dries fully sprinkle lightly by using an CRAFT BRUSH and after putting brush into glitter , tap lightly and let the glitter fall gently over your nail giving it a soft layer OR dip nail into glitter set aside just for nails, pat glitter on nail and using a paint or craft brush, brush extra glitter away. Once dry – apply topcoat and let dry completely. Either way YOU will LOVE it!!!

Adding some glitz to the cards you send, and for seasonal crafts like Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, glitter tattoo's, etc. The uses for glitter are endless. Once you try them you will be hooked!

Mix and Match – I have priced all glitter the same even though they are not the same cost, so as to give you the best pricing on ebay.. The more you buy the more you save. The more I can get you great deals! 

Check out my other glitters here! For more of your crafting needs visit My eBay Store!

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Thank you for looking.... please come back soon.... NEW ITEMS POSTED WEEKLY!

Seller accepts no responsibility for loss or injury due to use of glitter.